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Regulations for Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Revised in 2019)

Source : APMCM  Publish Time 2019-11-10

Regulations for Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Revised in 2019)

Ya Tai Sai [2019] No. 02

Chapter I General

Article 1 APMCM (hereinafter referred to as Contest) is a discipline contest of university students in Asian-Pacific Region hosted by Beijing Institute of Image Graphics and organized by School of Mathematics. The Contest is organized by the Organizing Committee of Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

Article 2 Tenet of Contest: motivate the students’ enthusiasm for studying mathematics, improve the students’ comprehensive abilities to establish the mathematical modeling and solve the practical problems by computer technology, encourage the students to positively participate in the scientific and technological activities after school, develop the scope of knowledge, and cultivate the creation spirit and cooperation awareness.

Chapter II Organization and Its Responsibilities

Article 3 Organization

The Organizing Committee is set for the Contest (hereinafter referred to as “Organizing Committee”), which is made up of the personnel of the host and the initiator. If the sponsorship exists, main sponsor of the Contest may recommend a representative to join the Organizing Committee of the Contest. In the Organizing Committee, one chairman of committee and two vice chairmen of committee are set. The chairman of committee is held by the principal of the host. The vice chairman of committee is the personnel responsible for this Contest of the Host. The secretariat is affiliated to the responsible person of the unit. The principal of the sponsor that provides significant support for the Contest may hold the vice director of the Organizing Committee of the Contest.

Under the Organizing Committee, the Expert Committee and Secretariat are set. The Expert Committee is composed of the teachers engaged in relevant research and teaching of mathematical modeling recommended by the hosts. 

Article 4 Responsibilities of Organizing Committee

(1) Deliberate and modify the contest regulations, implementation measures, review rules and other documents;

(2) Deliberate and determine the work plan for each Contest;

(3) Pass the list of winners in the Contest;

(4) Deliberate the financial report submitted by the Secretariat;

(5) Make a resolution for the title sponsorship, sponsorship, support unit and other relevant issues of the Contest;

(6) Make a resolution for other major issues in the organizational work;

If a member of the Organizing Committee fails to take part in the activity of the Organizing Committee twice consecutively, it is deemed that the unit automatically withdraws from the Organizing Committee and the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee is responsible for filing.

Article 5 Responsibilities of Expert Committee

(1) Formulate the principles for setting the problem, and collect and map out the problems;

(2) Formulate the review rules, and organize the expert online review and expert meeting review;

(3) Review the works in the Contest and submit the list of proposed winners to the Organizing Committee;

(4) Conduct the final review of relevant objection in the review results with entrustment from the Organizing Committee;

(5) Organize the demonstration and exchange about excellent works.

Article 6 Responsibilities of Secretariat

(1) With entrustment from the Organizing Committee, raise the modification opinions on contest regulations and other relevant systems; conduct the initial review of work plan for each Contest, and report it to the Organizing Committee for final review;

(2) Comprehensively understand and master the current work trends and progress of the Contest; collect and classify relevant opinions and suggestions on the Contest in time and submit them to the Organizing Committee for discussion;

(3) According to the regulations for appraisal and election of excellent organization prize, raise the candidate list of excellent organization prize and report it to the Organizing Committee for approval;

(4) Be responsible for the construction, maintenance and routine operation of official website of the Contest;

(5) Be responsible for the online application, online payment, online submission of contest thesis and other work of the teams;

(6) Fulfill other work entrusted by the Organizing Committee.

Chapter III Contest Schedule and System and Content

Article 7 Contest schedule and system

(1) The Contest is held annually. In general, the Contest begins in the second half of each year (from the middle ten days of November to the beginning of December).

(2) The problems of the Contest are unified nationwide. The communications contest is adopted. The universities are encouraged to carry out the Contest in a relatively centralized form.

(3) The participants form a team to participate in the Contest, each team has 2-3 people and the major is not limited.

Article 8 Contest content

(1) Generally, the problems of the Contest come from the refined and processed practical problems in the engineering and management, statistics and other fields. The participants are not required to master the in-depth professional knowledge in advance.

(2) The works submitted by the participants are a thesis which contains model assumption, modeling, model solution, model improvement and result analysis and inspection and other contents. The main standards for works review are rationality, creativity and word expression standardability of model and its assumptions and results.

Chapter IV Contest Rules

Article 9 The participants are the full-time undergraduates and postgraduates at school.

Article 10 During the period of the Contest, the team members may make use of books and data, computer and software and browse relevant information on the internet, but should not discuss the problem with any person outside the team (including online).

Article 11 After the Contest begins, the problems will be published on the designated website for downloading by the teams. The teams complete the answer sheet within the specified time and hand in the paper punctually. 

Article 12 If other literature, pictures, charts and data are quoted in the thesis, the explicit descriptions should be made.

Chapter V Prize Setting and Reward Method

Article 13 The class prize, excellent organization prize and excellent instructor prize are set in the Contest.

Article 14 The unit and individual that obtain the class prize, excellent organization prize and excellent instructor prize will be provided with the corresponding certificate of honor.

Chapter VI Publicity of Winners

Article 15 The list of proposed winners is publicized on the official website of the Contest. The publicity period is not less than seven (7) working days. During the publicity period, the teachers and students from different universities may make a report and an appeal. The Expert Committee is responsible for the investigation, arbitration and reply to the report and appeal. After the publicity ends, the list of winners is officially published.

Chapter VII Intellectual Property

Article 16 Except for the purpose of contest review, academic exchange and exhibition on the official website and other work related to the Contest, without the Author’s permission, the works should not be used for the commercial purpose. Nobody may illegally use the works results without permission.

Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions

Article 17 The Regulations will be put into force from November 2019 and should be interpreted and modified by Beijing Institute of Image Graphics and Organizing Committee of Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

Beijing Institute of Image Graphics

Organizing Committee of Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling