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Notice on Application for 2019 APMCM

Source : APMCM  Publish Time 2019-11-10

Institutions of Higher Learning,

   The ninth APMCM in 2019 (hereinafter referred to as “Contest”) is a discipline contest of university students in Asian-Pacific Region hosted by Beijing Institute of Image Graphics and organized by School of Mathematics. The Contest is organized by the Organizing Committee of Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling. This Contest is for the students of institutions of higher learning in Asian-Pacific Region. The institutions of higher learning are welcomed to organize the students to apply for the Contest subject to the contest regulations and relevant regulations.

1. The period of the Contest is from 6:00, November 28 to 9:00, December 2.

2. The period of this Contest is four days. The participants are the full-time students at school of regular institutions of higher learning. The team is composed of 2-3 university students. The application deadline is 12:00, November 27. After the application deadline expires, the application information cannot be changed. 

3. The trans-university team is allowed in the Contest. The full name of school of each participant and instructor must be filled in completely.The fees for each team are RMB 100 and they are directly submitted on the application website.For the institutions of higher learning that uniformly organize the application, the payment mode is subject to the Guide to Processes of Application for 2019 APMCM.

4. The Contest is divided into the postgraduate team and undergraduate team. In the application, the team should be selected based on the highest education background of the team members.

5. No uniform provisions are laid down for the teams of each institution; based on the application, the Organizing Committee will determine the quantity of the first prize, the second prize and the third prize (about 5%, 15% and 25% of total teams). The excellent participants will enjoy other reward policies provided by the Organizing Committee. Please refer to the Reward Rules forAPMCM.

6. There are two problems (Problem A and Problem B). Generally, the problems are properly simplified and processed practical problems in the artificial intelligence, engineering and management and statistics and other fields.

7. It is only required to submit the electronic thesis in the Contest. It is not required to mail the paper thesis. All teams must submitthe English thesis.

8. If the institution organizes the collective application, the principal of the institution sends the collective application form of all teams to the mailbox of the Organizing Committee of the Contest ( The application fees are uniformly transferred to the corporate account of School of Mathematics, the Organizer. Please refer to the Instructions for Institutions of Higher Learning in Collective Application for 2019 APMCM.

9. No written problems are mailed. When the Contest begins, the problems will be published on the website of School of Mathematics, official website of Beijing Institute of Image Graphics ( and the application homepage.

10. For other matters, please log onto the application official website to check relevant notice document of the Organizing Committee of the Contest.

Beijing Institute of Image Graphics   

Organizing Committee of Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling

October 2019