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Source : APMCM  Publish Time 2020-09-24


      2023 Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling (hereinafter referred to as "contest") is held by the Beijing Society of Image and Graphics and the Organizing Committee of Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling and School of Mathematics. We welcome institutes of higher education organize students to participate in the contest in accordance with the competition constitution and the relevant provisions.


    1. The contest of 2023 begins at 6AM on Thursday November 23 and ends at 9AM on Monday November 27 in Beijing time.


    2. The contest lasts for 4 days. A team may consist of two or three students and is open to all full-time undergraduate students. All the teams must be registed before 12AM Beijing time on November 22, 2023. And after this time, you can’t modify your team information.


    3. The team member can be from different schools. And you must fill in the school’s full name of each student and advisor completely.A ¥100 registration fee per team is required, and the registration fee can be submitted to the public account of Mathematician (School of Mathematics) web site. For institutes of higher education who organize students to register, please see  "The notice to colleges for group registration for the 2023 Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling" to pay the registration fee.